Terms & Condtions


Delivery Dates


You will be informed of the likely approximate length of time until delivery at point of sale. Once your order is confirmed for delivery the dispatch team will contact you with a date and time slot. This is normally 3-5 days before delivery.
Whilst we do our best to keep strictly to the set time given, if for any reason we are slightly delayed we will do our best to keep you updated. Once you have been given a delivery date you must accept that date or the items will be returned and a storage fee of £60 will be charged.
At delivery you will be given the chance to check all items and sign for them.

If everything is to your satisfaction once you have signed, the items are then your belongings and you are liable.




As all items are made to order, once you have signed for them and checked they are to your satisfaction they are none returnable.
If for any reason on delivery you are not satisfied do not accept delivery and send the items back and we will redeliver appropriate items.

If you have accepted delivery and you then find faults you would need to email us with a detailed description of the problem. If we find this is a manufacturing fault we will replace the item within 12 weeks.




Deposits are none refundable.